Why you need , An Easy Way to Notify Family, Friends & Loved ones of Funeral Arrangements. This makes sure they have the opportunity to say goodbye!

Why you need

Obituaries in the local news papers have been one of the popular methods of funeral notifications. However, as more and more people use social media and less people read newspapers, this method however is not reliable anymore.

Today, many of your friends, relatives and loved ones often live far apart, often in other cities and even other countries.

Therefore, your friends, relatives and loved ones may not be notified of your passing on promptly or even after the funeral  This may cause additional pain and grief for them as they did not have the opportunity to even say goodbye.. provides an easy and simple way to notify all friends, relatives and loved ones of your funeral arrangements & details. People can pass on and share your funeral information.

We can also provide you with the ability to send messages to your loved ones after you have left them. You can send a personalized message or video that only they will see to help ease their pain.

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