Plan Ahead & Share Everlasting Feelings

Plan ahead for someone else or yourself for after you're gone and prepare details of who should be notified, with the option of personalized text and video messages.

Funeral pre planning helps you to ensure that everyone you care about is notified, along with easing the stress on your loved ones who will be struggling at this difficult time.

By preparing personal messages you can say goodbye in your own words, helping your family deal with your loss.

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Funeral Notification Planning

"Thinking of you at this time of sorrow, with a wish for strength as you face tomorrow."

- Unknown

Send Messages & Videos

Prepare personal messages in advance which will be sent to your chosen friends & family, along with your funeral notification.

Record video messages or write if you prefer. Say what you need to, your way.

Share your feelings with your feeling Friends, Family And Loved Ones

Your appointed executor will be able to easily send all notifications to everyone in your chosen list.

Notification List

Create your own list of people who should be notified that you want to attend your funeral.

Prepare individual messages to each friend or family member on your list.

Appoint Executor

Your executor will be able to enter your funeral details and send out the notices along with all of your video and text messages.

They will also post an obituary and create a memorial Wall

Memorial Wall

Friends and Family can share messages, photos and videos.

Your memorial wall becomes a lasting presence that family can visit when they are missing you.

Online Funeral Notices

Planning ahead, who is it for?

The planning ahead option is important for everyday and elderly individuals that wish to get their affairs in order and share their feelings and share their goodbyes after they're gone.

The Planning ahead option is especially important for high-risk individuals that want to plan head to make sure that everything right. This includes First Responders such as police, firefighters, as well as others and military personnel.

These important individuals want to plan ahead and write a letter home in case anything were to happen to them.

This allows them to prepare and leave messages and feelings for friends family and loved ones. It goes beyond sample letter in an envelope it allows you to share personal feelings that will last forever.

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"No rule book. No time frame. No judgment. Grief is as individual as a fingerprint. Do what is right for your soul."

- unknown