About Funeral Notification

FuneralNotification is An Easy Way to Notify Family, Friends & Loved Ones of Funeral Arrangements.

FuneralNotification was created when one of our founders had missed a friends funeral while travelling abroad. He was very upset that he missed his friend’s funeral as he didn’t know that his friend had passed away.

Upset that he missed his friend’s funeral and the opportunity to say good bye, he felt guilty as it wasn’t something he could fix… He thought “you can’t have a funeral again to allow me to say Good Bye, and pay my respect!

He thought, there must be a better way then just publishing an obituary that only a few people may see and miss the opportunity to pay respect and say goodbye.

After some investigation and unable to find a solution, he came up with the idea of FuneralNotification

FuneralNotification was created to be An Easy Way to Notify Family, Friends & Loved ones of Funeral Arrangements so everyone has a chance to pay respect and say goodbye!

Not only are people notified of the funeral arrangements but text and video messages can be to be left to share last wishes, goodbyes and memories with family, friends & loved ones.

FuneralNotification also allows you to notify if you will or will not be attending the funeral service, the ability to send flowers and gifts at a click of a button, and book travel as well.

FuneralNotification was created to Never Let Your Loved Ones Down & Feel the Pain of Not Saying Good-Bye!

Funeral Notification helps you say goodbye

"The most beautiful things in life are not things. they’re people and places and memories and pictures. They’re feelings and moments and smiles and laughter."

- Unknown