Frequently Asked Questions

No payment details are taken during signup and you can use our service for as long as you like.

There are several ways you can activate your account, some of which are completely free.

There is no special option to register for someone else since each account needs to be linked to the email address of the owner.

However if you wish to help someone get started simply enter their details in the signup form. You should not use the social login services in this case. can access your email and/or phone contact list if and only if you authorise it. We offer this feature as a way to quickly and easily build your Funeral Notification List on by seeing who you already know from your Email Account(s). This is easier then entering all of your friends, Family and loved ones' names and emails.

The Friends, Family and loved ones that you add to your list, will be sent an email notifying them that you have added them to your Funeral Notification list, as well as inviting those who aren't yet members to join They will also have an option to accept or decline to receive your funeral notification.

We don’t send emails/notifications without an action from you the member.

When you add connections you see the following:
1. A list of your contacts to import into
2. A list of your contacts to select or unselect contacts from the import list.

You must go into the Add Friends And Family import page and authenticate the import of your contacts from your email. It doesn’t happen just by being logged into and your email on the same browser.

Note: You can view and delete your imported contacts at any time

Only you can See your Friends Family and Loved One’s List and personal messages left the to them.
Only you can edit or delete Friends, Family and Loved Ones from your list.
Your Executor has no access to this information.
Your executor will be able to see the list of people invited and their responses only after the notification has been sent.

When you choose an Executor they are sent an email invite to be you executor.
If they choose YES or NO you will be notified on your dashboard and by email. If they say No and decline, you will have to invite another person to be your Executor.
Alternatively, you may, print out a login document from you dashboard Executor page.