The "New Norm" Of Posting Obituaries and Sending Funeral Notices Is An Easy Way to Notify Friends & Loved ones of Funeral Arrangements
& Post Obituaries.
Give everyone the chance to say good bye!

Record a Eulogy,
Send Heart Felt Messages provides a new and innovative way to Create Online Obituaries and Plan Ahead!

Create Obituary

Create an online obituary and Memorial wall for someone who has recently passed away.

Send funeral invites to share service details & collect RSVP's.

Share your feelings with Friends, Family And Loved Ones on the Memorial Wall

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Plan Ahead

Plan ahead to say goodbye.

Create your notification and funeral invite list, to ensure that no-one is missed.

Prepare personalized written or video messages to say goodbye to friends and family, even after you're gone.

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We offer many more benefits compared to posting a traditional obituary or funeral notice in your local newspaper!

Our Features

Memorial Wall

A Memorial wall is created when you post your obituary and send out your funeral notices.

Share your feelings, stories, pictures and videos with your feeling Friends, Family And Loved Ones on the person's memorial wall!

The memorial wall connects family, friends and loved ones no matter where they are to come and grieve together

Notifications can be sent out when posts and additions are made to the Memorial Wall

Send Messages & Videos

Share messages whether you are planning ahead, or someone has recently passed.

Record video messages or write if you prefer. Say what you need to, your way.

Share your feelings with your Friends, Family And Loved Ones

Plan ahead with prepared messages that will be sent once you pass.

Share Intimate Feelings

Funeral Notices

Funeral notices will be sent out to your list of friends and family.

Easily import contacts from your email or social media accounts.

If you plan ahead then you control this list, ensuring that no-one important is missed.

Allow attendees to easily RSVP to the funeral

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“Nothing can happen more beautiful than death.”

- Walt Whitman