How Does this site work? , An Easy Way to Notify Friends & Loved ones of Funeral Arrangements.
Give everyone the chance to say good bye!

You enter in all the information of your friends, relatives and loved ones on our website to let them know of your funeral.

How funeral notification works You can edit and update them as often as you wish to.

You can personalize messages by text or video to friends, family and loved ones. Help them ease the pain of moving on.

You appoint an executor (friend, relative or lawyer) who will then log in and send out an email with the necessary funeral information to all those on your list. This will also include any of your personal messages you have left . The executor will not be able to edit or delete your list. This is to ensure that your last wishes are respected.

This website enables all your friends, relatives and loved ones to receive your funeral information promptly and ensures that they are not forgotten amidst the grief surrounding your passing on.

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